Chewie: Next-level Incident Management

By: Amir Jakoby | AUG 13, 2018
AI, Alert Noise, Blog, Integrations, Monitoring, Tech Ops
Imagine your existing incident management platform, smarter. When a new incident opens, you automatically see greater context and statistics about... Continue reading

5 time-saving features in Decisions

By: Annika Garbers | AUG 09, 2018
Alert Noise, Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Monitoring
Today, we're breaking down a handful of the Decisions capabilities you can take advantage of to help your team stay... Continue reading

More than just noise reduction: how automatic correlation supercharges your SRE cycle

By: Annika Garbers | JUL 25, 2018
Traditional approaches to improving operations efficiency only address one key KPI, and in some cases they can make others worse.... Continue reading

The state of incident management: survey results

By: Annika Garbers | JUL 23, 2018
Last month, SignifAI conducted a survey of DevOps and SRE teams to learn about the incident management tools and processes... Continue reading

Decisions: a deeper look

By: Guy Fighel | JUL 20, 2018
In an earlier post this week, we introduced SignifAI Decisions  – the most flexible, intuitive correlation engine for SRE and... Continue reading