In case you missed it, SignifAI recently introduced Decisions – the flexible machine learning engine that adapts to your system and allows you to control correlation logic in your environment. Here are a handful of the capabilities you can take advantage of to help your team stay focused on what matters.

1. Check out your noise reduction at a glance

On the main Decisions page, you can quickly see what’s going on in your environment with overall and Decision-specific statistics. Mouse over any statistic to learn more about it.

2. See the latest Issue correlated with any Decision

Curious about the types of Issues being correlated? Click on any Decision to see the most recent Issue that matched your logic.

3. Give feedback from Issue details

While you’re checking out Issue details in the Control Center, if you notice a particularly useful (or incorrect!) correlation, you can hit the like/dislike buttons to provide feedback to the system. The more feedback you provide, the more accurate your Decisions can get.

4. Understand SignifAI’s suggestions

Hover over any Suggested Decision to quickly see the reason it’s proposed (specific to your environment) and get a sense of how it’ll affect your incoming incidents.

5. Build logic from your keyboard

The Decision builder supports basic keyboard gestures so you can get your custom logic out of your head and into the engine as quickly as possible.

Got ideas?

If you have feedback about any of these features, or ideas for future Decisions capabilities, drop us a line at

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Annika Garbers

Product Manager at SignifAI
Annika works with the Product team at SignifAI. Her background is in project management and process improvement for DevOps and SRE teams of all sizes.