SignifAI enables SRE and DevOps teams to focus on what matters and understand issues faster, reducing incident resolution time and saving cost. In only a few minutes, SignifAI can receive data from your monitoring system (AWS CloudWatch, DataDog, NewRelic, or 50+ more integrations including our simple REST endpoint) and start reducing alert noise.

Through working with large enterprise customers, we’ve learned that teams are often heavily invested and highly trained in their incident management platforms. Tools like PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps, and xMatters are connected to enterprise monitoring systems and embedded across organizations.

AIOps platforms like SignifAI also need access to monitoring systems to correlate related issues and extract predictive insights. However, a new tool or workflow shift can create organizational struggles. How can these complex organizations gain best of both worlds – a smarter tool to filter through the noise and surface essential context, while sticking to proven workflows with a tool teams are already comfortable with?

Introducing: Chewie

Imagine your existing incident management platform, smarter. When a new incident opens, you automatically see greater context and statistics about it, including how it’s related to other incidents. Imagine your platform learning and adapting to how your teams work, assigning incidents to the right team at the right time.

Chewie connects to your incident management platform directly, providing the powerful correlation and adaptability features already available with SignifAI in the context of your well-known and battle-tested tool.

One-step Onboarding

All Chewie needs to connect to your incident management platform is an API key. Chewie will never intervene with or change any of your existing settings. It registers with all of your services automatically and creates a separate service for its incidents.

How It Works

Chewie creates all its incidents in a separate service, without assigning anything to teams or individuals by default. In this service, you’ll be able to see correlated incidents with extended information and recommendations. Chewie learns from your ongoing usage and will add comments with additional context on existing incidents. Over time, you can transfer your escalation policies to Chewie’s service to gain the total benefit of noise reduction.

Chewie reducing noise with PagerDuty (notice the number of aggregated alerts per incident)

Chewie explains its actions as notes in the PagerDuty Incident

Supported Platforms

Some of Chewie’s supported platforms are:

  • PagerDuty
  • OpsGenie
  • VictorOps
  • xMatters

If you don’t see your platform on this list, shoot us an email at


Amir Jakoby

Amir Jakoby

Director of Engineering at SignifAI
Director of Engineering and a founding member of SignifAI. Founded SignifAI's Israeli development office. Responsible for product strategy and research and development. Served over 8 years as an officer in an elite Israeli Defence Forces unit in Research and Development where he led a cyber-security product development teams. Prior to SignifAI, was a senior consultant in various early stages startups.
Amir Jakoby

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