The Key To An Effective DevOps Pipeline

By: Guy Fighel | FEB 02, 2017
I just read this insightful interview of DevOps consultant, Gary Gruver, on what makes an effective DevOps pipeline. In this article... Continue reading

The Evolution of An Industry: Cisco Aquires AppDynamics

By: Guy Fighel | JAN 31, 2017
Everyone working in the tech sector shared a very exciting moment on Tuesday night last week (Jan. 24, 2017) when... Continue reading

Achieving 360° Monitoring

By: Guy Fighel | JAN 26, 2017
I was once in a start-up environment where we were literally “flying blind” for the better part of 6 months.... Continue reading

Can’t Miss Artificial Intelligence Events in 2017

By: Guy Fighel | JAN 19, 2017
2016 saw an unprecedented number of artificial intelligence focused events across the world. We are part of this growing industry... Continue reading

Mental Health and Burnout in Ops

By: Guy Fighel | JAN 17, 2017
Two of the most surprising sessions, to me at least, at both DevOps Days and Velocity for the past couple... Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence versus Machine Learning: Back to Basics

By: Guy Fighel | JAN 11, 2017
When you talk about artificial intelligence (AI), people tend to conjure up images of a science fiction type of lifestyle... Continue reading