The state of incident management: survey results

By: Annika Garbers | JUL 23, 2018
Last month, SignifAI conducted a survey of DevOps and SRE teams to learn about the incident management tools and processes... Continue reading

Decisions: a deeper look

By: Guy Fighel | JUL 20, 2018
In an earlier post this week, we introduced SignifAI Decisions  – the most flexible, intuitive correlation engine for SRE and... Continue reading

Similarity measures 101

By: Annika Garbers | JUL 18, 2018
Alert Noise, Blog, Tech Ops
In order to parse through and determine correlations among millions of events, the SignifAI Decision engine supports a suite of... Continue reading

Introducing Decisions: smart correlation for busy ops teams

By: Guy Fighel | JUL 16, 2018
AI, Blog, DevOps, Machine Intelligence
Introducing SignifAI Decisions: an incredibly flexible, machine-learning powered correlation engine, combined with a beautiful and intuitive logic builder, all designed... Continue reading

AI and Machine Learning Powered Correlations for Prometheus

By: Guy Fighel | JUN 14, 2018
AI, Alert Noise, Blog, Machine Learning, Monitoring, Open Source Tools, Prometheus
Using a limited set of routing rules, alerts are directed to and distributed from the Prometheus Alertmanager, which can quickly... Continue reading

Monitor and Manage Alerts on OpenShift with AI and Machine Learning

By: Guy Fighel | JUN 07, 2018
AI, Alert Noise, Blog, Machine Learning, Monitoring, Prometheus, Red Hat OpenShift
SignifAI is an AI and machine learning platform that correlates OpenShift events, metrics and logs to reduce alert noise and... Continue reading